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Foam poles Flexy Jump by Michel Robert

foam poles, plastic poles, jumping poles

A new educational concept, to train riders and horses.Tested and used by Michel Robert for a number of years, Flexy Jump poles have become the indispensable work aids to train his horses and his pupils.


Size: 10X10 section- length: 3m
Weight: 1,5 kg
Foam pole covered by a high-resistance plastic covering, hermetically sealed.
Colors: Yellow- Blue- Red

Using Flexy Jump poles
Flexy Jump poles are used to train horses and riders. They are very versatile:
Using Flexy Jump poles :

. To rapidly build a ground course
. To indicate the strides between jumps
. To cadence the horse at the different gaits, and to adapt the strides very easily
. To use as distance poles in front of, and behind jumps
. To channel horses by drawing guides before and after jumps, or on a given line during flatwork
. Set up on cones to close in a jump, or allow the lunge rein to slip over while on ground work
. Placed in a “V” on traditional poles to help the horse to jump straight
. To set up corners or a precise route during flatwork…

Flexy Jump Advantages
. Safety: built of a very supple foam material, Flexy Jump poles avoid the traumas linked to shocks with traditional wooden poles. Horses can walk on, or land on Flexy Jump poles without the slightest risk, thus allowing for a greater variety of educational set-ups. The noise and the motion provoked by the falling pole are sufficient to ensure discomfort, which increases the horse’s carefulness while respecting its physical integrity.

. Multifunction: Flexy Jump can be used in a very wide scheme of planning (see paragraph “uses”)

. Lightness: their light weight ensures a remarkable ease of use, including when the rider is alone, and has to change the poles while holding the horse on one hand.

. Solidity: made of a non-rotting substance, Flexy Jump poles can spend time in water or mud without any deterioration. They need no maintenance.


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