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Horse Academy Subscriptions

The advantages of subscribing to Horse Academy

cocheUnlimited access to 100% of the website

coche Access to all the riding lesson videos, with step by step explanations, photos, exercise diagrams :
       . Training programs that allow horse and rider to make step by step progress,
       . Classical flat work and jumping exercises: gymnastics over ground poles, cavaletti work, grids and courses.
       . Horse expertise
       . Body training and fitness program, mental preparation for the horse and rider,
       . Horse care advice... 

        Currently: 13 h10 of master class videos to watch

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12 month
39,50 €

For unlimited access to
100 % of the website


Subscription package

Pack 1
12 month subscription

+ the booklet  Pocket Jump,
40 illustrated exercises
49,00 €
> You save 6,50 €
Pack 2
12 month subscription

+ the book "Secrets and method
of a great champion"
59,00 €
> You save 8,00 €