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A look into medicinal treatments and supplements


If the rider discovers a physical issue with his horse, it’s better to not focus on one thing, but to look at the problem as a whole with a larger view. The ones who will heal horses the best know that a physical problem is the results of a chain reaction and it’s important to find the primary cause or causes of it. In no cases, should you think about curing it with some “we don’t know what” chemicals or other kind of magical cure whatsoever. Unfortunately, they’ve been largely used by all the ones who don’t want to seek further….or to question their practice. As far as I’m concerned, I can clearly say it, I’m for a zero tolerance regarding doping. For me, to win, to be successful, and to belong among the best is a great satisfaction. I believe that the ones, who are cheating to reach it, can’t have this feeling of pride and of accomplishment. It’s important to have a moral code and to stand by it whatever happens. It’s even an essential condition to the progression. A result obtained by cheating will encourage you to do it again. Very fast, it spirals. Therefore, a rider who give a treatment to his horse who, with misfortune wins a class will attribute his achievement to the chemicals. At the end, he not only undervalues himself, but he’s becoming dependant of them.


I believe that the ones who give in to temptations to the artificial solutions do it above all because they lack confidence.  It’s always the same ones who will find excuses to their failures!

To all the ones who really want to give something to their horses, here’s my prescription:

Spend more time with them, and take them out.