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Questions for two champions : Pénélope LEPRÉVOST and Michel ROBERT - part 1
During the Masterclass that took place on January 5th and 6th of 2019, at the Boulerie Jump venue in Mans, Michel Robert and Pénélope Leprévost answered the questions to the public.

Your horse is talking about you!
It is amazing to observe to what extent horse and rider influence each other both mentally and physically. This is especially true of horses and riders who have been working together for a long time.

Breathing and relaxation
To reach the state of mental and physical relaxation, breathing is a useful method for concentrating on oneself and returning one’s mind to the present moment. Breathing calmly and deeply allows one to remain in harmony with oneself, to be vigilant and keep one’s reflexes alert in order to carry out movements with relaxed muscles.

A good start for your show season
The show season is just around the corner so it is time to review if you and your horse are ready for it. Let’s not forget that horse riding, like other sports, implies that the rider and the horse are ready physically and mentally to sustain the stress of the competitions.

Choose the winner view!
To choose the large angle view is to choose the winner view : The body gets upstraight, the chest opens up, the breathing is set free, the brain gets oxygenated…..That is the way physical and mental tensions clear up.

How to keep our mind focused on the present moment
if you have a tendency to let your mind wander away with some parasitic thoughts, I suggest that you keep your mind busy with a sentence that you will repeat over and over again. Like a mantra, this sentence will help you fight mental disturbances. The goal is to focus your mind on the present moment. I personally like to use the sentence: “My position - My horse – My track”...

What should one do when the horse rushes the fences?
Set loose, a horse rarely rushes a fence of its own free will. On the contrary, it would rather go around it or stop. If it does jump it, will maintain the same cadence, or prudently slow down.

Everyone is capable of making progress
I am certain that each of us is capable of fulfilling his or her objectives.I have seen so many average riders reach the highest possible levels thanks to the power of their passion and their conviction. There are however many opportunities for allowing oneself to become discouraged (...)

How to deal with emotions approaching fences
It’s easy to feel calm and serene in our life if we stay in the comfort zone of our daily activities. The repetition of the same actions in the same situation is a reassuring way to chase away the concerns and questions about life (...)

How to use the strength and muscular power of the horse
It is necessary for one’s horse to be straight so it can use all its strength and muscular power. Many faults are the result of a jump drifting to the left or the right of the fence.