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Horse Care and Health

Understand and focusing on how the horse’s back functions
Riders have to be aware that whatever the type of riding they practise, the motion of the horse’s top line is extremely important. We have to devote a special attention to this area, especially during the warm-up session.
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Horse's back, the most engaged area
 The sport horse’s back is the most engaged area of his body and the most fragile. We have to pay a particular attention to the area from the withers to the base of the tail. Most pathology, including lameness, takes root in the malfunction of the top line. It’s pretty obvious that a horse with back pain will not be able to perform any athletic activity (...)

Riding outdoors
Riding outdoors is ideal for getting a horse fit. It will be all the more effective if one has the opportunity to ride over hilly ground. The horse will be more receptive, more joyful and its body will express itself more naturally (...)

The horse's physical preparation . Part 2
With a horse in good shape, there is no need to resort to chemical products, vitamins, infiltrations or other “concealing agents”. Personally, I eliminated all that more than 10 years ago (...)

The horse's physical preparation . Part 1
Horses are just like us, it is possible to mould and improve them to reveal their real potential. One must simply do things naturally (...)

A look into medicinal treatments and supplements
My horses are showing at the international level all year round, with no medicinal treatments, supplements or vitamins other than the ones that are in their regular feed. I’m against this practice (...) 

Horse physical training
The physical fitness of your horse is a key element to his performance. It’s the case for high level competition horses as well as for amateur horses. You can’t obtain long term results if your horse has not been physically trained to the physical stress implied by competitions.