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Michel Robert offers to riders of every level his 40 years of experience as a horseman, as a coach and as an international competitor. This site was created by Michel Robert and his team. It is a practical and educational guide aimed at helping horses and riders at every level, amateur or professional, progress.


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How to create straightness in the rider and horse. Step 1

This exercise is a very effective way to improve the ability of the rider to stay centred and straight in his/her position and to keep the horse perfectly symmetrical with an even support on his 4 feet. The first part of this session is about flat work to get the horse and rider in a good disposition...

How to create straightness in the rider and horse. Step 2

This exercise is a good preliminary work to jumping. It is about being thorough regarding the straightness, the composure, the steadiness of the canter, the precision in the track including in the approach and landing phases of a jump.

Time: 5 min
Michel robert

Five time French champion, multiple medallist at the World Championships and the Olympics, over the course of his 40-year career, Michel Robert has become a respected leader in the equestrian world and one of the most in-demand trainers in France and in the world. Having ended his competitive career in 2013, Michel now devotes himself to training competition horses in his stables in Moras (Isere) and also to passing on his knowledge and his experience on this website Horse Academy.
A deeper ambition hides behind this extraordinary success: achieving perfect harmony between the body and soul. For Michel this harmony with the horse is truly a way of life. Here lies the real secret of this man in constant search of perfection. Here is what makes him one of the finest riders in the world (...)