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Basic exercise to stay loose and calm
One is already aware of the importance of the rider’s eyes as a key player for his/her physical and mental performance. It is well known that the large angle view is one of the most effective ways to keep you in an upright position and connected with your horse.
Time: 6 min

Varying the length of the canter stride, placing the correct stride approaching a jump
This schooling grid allows the rider to experiment with the different options in the canter stride to get the correct place for the perfect take-off stride.
Time: 7 min 50

Exercise to improve the horse and rider’s confidence over fences
This is the perfect grid exercise to increase the level of confidence of green horses and to improve their technique, as well as the technique and confidence of the less seasoned riders. The height and distances have been set up to approach each fence on a related distance in such a way that the rider should not have to influence the horse to get the correct spot.
Time: 7 min 40

Harmony and confidence approaching fences
Being able to master and control your mind and thoughts in front of a fence is the goal of this exercise. To learn how to use your eyes during all the phases of a jump, is the fastest and most effective way to stay in the present moment physically and mentally...
Time: 6 min 40

How to increase and decrease the canter stride keeping the energy and suppleness
This second phase of the exercise consists of practising transitions within the canter, meaning to go from a shorter canter stride to a longer canter stride, and vice versa.
Time: 8 min

How to control the speed and stay in harmony with the horse’s locomotion
This comprehensive exercise is excellent to encourage the riders to be disciplined in their position and their capability to follow a precise path, to anticipate their actions, to maintain the movement forward and control the speed.
Time: 15 min

Training for Leg yielding and Half pass
This exercise will help you tune up your aids and the connection with your horse. It‘s a good way to practice your suppleness while in motion and to learn to release any stiffness or tension in your body and your mind.
Time: 10 min

How to work on preciseness, lightness and pushing power in the turns
The set-up of this exercise made by Michel is extremely effective in encouraging the rider to stay mentally present and physically active on all the “commanding aids”. The feedback  is immediate and it gives the riders the opportunity to be aware of the quality of their position and actions.
Time: 11 min 30

How to create straightness in the rider and horse. Step 2
This exercise is a good preliminary work to jumping. It is about being thorough regarding the straightness, the composure, the steadiness of the canter, the precision in the track including in the approach and landing phases of a jump.
Time: 5 min

How to create straightness in the rider and horse. Step 1
This exercise is a very effective way to improve the ability of the rider to stay centred and straight in his/her position and to keep the horse perfectly symmetrical with an even support on his 4 feet. The first part of this session is about flat work to get the horse and rider in a good disposition...