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How to control the speed and stay in harmony with the horse’s locomotion
This comprehensive exercise is excellent to encourage the riders to be disciplined in their position and their capability to follow a precise path, to anticipate their actions, to maintain the movement forward and control the speed.
Time: 15 min

Training for Leg yielding and Half pass
This exercise will help you tune up your aids and the connection with your horse. It‘s a good way to practice your suppleness while in motion and to learn to release any stiffness or tension in your body and your mind.
Time: 10 min

How to work on preciseness, lightness and pushing power in the turns
The set-up of this exercise made by Michel is extremely effective in encouraging the rider to stay mentally present and physically active on all the “commanding aids”. The feedback  is immediate and it gives the riders the opportunity to be aware of the quality of their position and actions.
Time: 11 min 30

How to create straightness in the rider and horse. Step 2
This exercise is a good preliminary work to jumping. It is about being thorough regarding the straightness, the composure, the steadiness of the canter, the precision in the track including in the approach and landing phases of a jump.
Time: 5 min

How to create straightness in the rider and horse. Step 1
This exercise is a very effective way to improve the ability of the rider to stay centred and straight in his/her position and to keep the horse perfectly symmetrical with an even support on his 4 feet. The first part of this session is about flat work to get the horse and rider in a good disposition...

Accuracy of the track and suppleness of the horse – Step 2
This second part of the exercise is to be done at a canter with a horse well-schooled and responding perfectly to the leg and hand aids. The rider will have to be demanding to be in a perfect control of the 4 feet of the horse.
Time: 7 min 30

Accuracy of the track and suppleness of the horse - Step 1
An excellent exercise to test the precision and lightness of the rider’s aids while working on the submission and the suppleness of the horse.
Time: 9 min 30

Steadiness of the canter and control of the steering when jumping
The goal of this exercise is to control the horse’s shoulders and haunches on a grid while staying in the same canter rhythm throughout the set-up. The slight curve of the track makes it a bit more challenging...
Time: 8 min 30

Test you ability to stay in the position of the middle
The rider can only stay in control of his position, no matter the situation, by learning to control his mind. This is the goal of the exercise in this session. A very easy to set-up exercise proven to be effective in getting the horse and rider to stay alert mentally and physically for whatever situation that could arise.
Time: 3 min 55

Breathing and relaxation in the action
We’ve learned that a good oxygenation of the body is a key player in the muscle and mind relaxation. However, to learn to breathe correctly when riding requires some practice. This is today’s focus of this new exercise from Michel.
Time: 3 min 30