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Jumping a course of cavalettis with a definite number of strides
A fun exercise that will challenge your ability to control the track as well as the speed during a course. It is about getting the correct number of strides on a track with successive loops. The exercise is not as easy as it seems as the rider has to be aware of the horse’s speed while directing his shoulders as if he would be on a train track.
Time: 7 min 50

Improving your horse’s responsiveness and speed in his jumping movement
This exercise is specifically designed to improve the horse’s responsiveness and style over grids, especially after a large fence such as a water jump or an oxer (…)
Time: 6 min

Exercise to transition between flat work and jumping
The exercise set-up encourages the rider to pay close attention to all the parameters required for a clear round.
Time: 8 min

Exercise to improve the quality of the turns
This exercise is very suitable to improve the turns especially to detect and correct any problem with the horse or rider’s symmetry. Directing correctly the horse on the path is key to success (...)
Time: 7 min

Improving the horse’s strength in the approaches
In this flat work session, Michel offers an exercise that will improve the horse’s propulsive force in front of fences while staying in control.
Time: 7 min

Flexing and stretching over a jumping line
An excellent gymnastic that favours the top line suppleness and the correctness of its motion. This exercise is also a good way to school the horse and rider over liverpools and water-jumps.
Time: 6 min 30

Guiding the horse’s shoulders on a precise track
An excellent and fun exercise to help the horse be focused and responsive. This exercise has to be practiced with calm and lightness and is also an excellent way to train for speed courses.
Time: 7 min 30

Training for competition with a course of cavalettis
An excellent exercise to encourage the rider to rehearse her routine to get ready for a competition. Practising repeatedly exercises that are close to what is encountered during a show, will help the rider to build the right habits regarding the position, the mental behaviour and the ability to anticipate and to meet the objectives…
Time: 7 min 30

How to gain confidence on high fences
The goal is for the rider and the horse to gain confidence on high fences. The set-up of this exercise enables us to raise the height of the rails without taking any risk.
Time: 5 min

Gymnastic on a grid
This grid with short distances is an excellent gymnastic to flex and stretch the horse’s top-line. The set-up will encourage the horse to stay alert and pay attention to the rider’s cues. Needless to say that the tight sequence of the jumps stimulates the velocity of the horse’s front legs’ actions, his style and the rounding of his back above the fences.
Time: 3 min 45