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Preparing to jump lines and combinations
Preparation for combinations with three or four fences providing horse and rider with experience without jumping excessively large fences.
Time: 1 min

Improve the jump trajectory
For horses with a tendency to jump too “big”, this exercise allows one to transform a long jumping trajectory into height.
Time: 1 min 12

Improve the horse’s technique
It is a very good exercise for improving the horse’s jumping technique, especially for those that tend to jump with their knees beneath them. If I were obliged to choose only one exercise this would be it. I have tested it for decades and always obtained excellent results, especially with young horses, although the exercise is also useful for horses at all levels.
Time: 1 min 13

Preparing to jump combinations
This exercise allows one to approach combinations with confidence; therefore, I strongly recommend it for preparing young horses and riders with little experience.
Time: 1 min 12

Control the quality of the horse canter
What is important here is to be capable of maintaining a regular working canter while approaching, in between fences and after landing (...)
Time: 1 min 24

Constant rhythm and a cadenced canter
This exercise is, in particular, suitable for teaching both horse and rider to maintain a constant rhythm and a cadenced canter.
Time: 1 min 24

Learn how to count your strides
The goal of this exercise is to vary the number of strides between two cavalettis. The ideal is to have a balanced canter in the entry zone, so it’s important to adjust the canter from afar to attain the contracted number of strides determined beforehand.
Time: 1 min 13