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Improve the jump trajectory

REF HAE6, jumping exercise, combinations, approach strides jumping, In control of the horse

For horses with a tendency to jump too “big”, this exercise allows one to transform a long jumping trajectory into height.

It is crucial to approach the fences and land perpendicularly to the line. There is no point in putting up the fences if the rider is unable to keep his horse straight and in the centre of the exercise. This exercise in particular requires a slow and cadenced working canter while approaching. One must not tolerate any lengthening of the stride. If the horse speeds up 3 strides off the first fence, the rider must circle or halt.

This form of training is effectively totally incompatible with a rider who is out of control or a horse that rushes its fences. Equally, this line cannot in practice be ridden if the rider does not maintain wide-angled vision.

1 min 12