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Work sessions

How to teach a young horse to rein back
To Michel, it is important that any horse know how to rein-back as this will improve their propulsion and also help them better utilise their body, making them more responsive to training.
Time: 15 min

Flat work and Gymnastic for the top-line
The goal of this session is to strengthen and increase the suppleness of the horse’s top line via an exercise of flexion and stretching.
Time: 2 videos - 20 min

Training tips for horses who rush the fences
Michel offers an effective solution to control horses who rush the fences. This gradual approach will solve the problem in a calmly manner and will enable the horse to enjoy jumping again by making him break down his movements.
Time: 15 min 30

How to improve your 2 point position
Michel offers a very good exercise to practise as often as possible to improve the 2 point position which is fundamental for jumpers whatever their level.
Time: 8 min

The legs-hands contact and transitions
How to improve the horse-rider connection with a work based on the responsiveness to the leg action and a steady connection with the mouth. This is the preliminary work of a jumping session with Day Dreamer and Marine who is taught by Michel.
Time: 3 videos - Total time: 20 mn

Position on the bit and driving force in the approaches
Gilles, a professional rider from the Haras de Hus, came for a clinic with Michel Robert.  He rides “Charles de Gaulle”. Today’s lesson focuses on improving the horse’s position on the bit and his propulsion as he approaches fences.
Time: 18 min 50

How to build confidence and be in control over jumps
After a preliminary flat work training, Michel works on building Day Dreamer’s confidence and physical ability over jumps. This work follows on from the flat work session which addressed the horse’s back, mouth and understanding.
Time: 2 videos - Total time: 17 min

Caring for and improving the horse’s top line motion
How to strengthen the horse’s back and get him ready for the jumping session to follow by riding with the correct mental and physical attitude with the essential exercises to practice.
Time: 3 video - 28 min 30

How to stretch your horse's neck when under saddle
For Michel, stretching down your horse's neck is the best way to improve your horse's pushing force, hind legs engagement, and balance (...)
Time: 16 mn

Rider's position and rider's influence fineness
How to obtain more fineness in the rider's aids and improve the horse’s level of understanding.Time: 20 mn