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Work sessions

Improving the horse’s length of stride
Being able to shorten or lengthen the horse’s stride while on course is valuable, especially on lines when the distance varies between fences. In this video, Michel is teaching an exercise that will help develop the hind legs propulsive force enabling the horse to gain some strength and height above fences.
Time: 18 min 22

Improving the rider’s jumping position
How to control and frame your horse approaching and landing fences by improving your position.
Time: 18 mn - 3 videos

Free-jumping with Catapulte
The mare has difficulties to jump a double or triple combination with a vertical placed coming in. The goal is to let Catapulte find the solution on her own without the influence of Michel.
Time: 12 min

Session with Philippe Karl and Michel Robert - Catapulte
Philippe Karl, a former “Ecuyer” from the Cadre Noir of Saumur, teaches clinics worldwide. Michel Robert who is always looking for improvement and performance, called him to improve the dressage of his horses.  We’re watching in this video a flat work session with the mare Catapulte. This is a unique opportunity to witness the exchange of ideas between two famous names of today’s equestrian world.
Time: 14 min

Stretching work session with “ZZ Top” out in the field
This work will help loosen up and stretch the horse’s muscles and joints before a flat work or jumping session. Riding outside in a field, allows the horse to have a natural behaviour which will, in turn, favour his willingness to work, decreasing the rider’s constraint.
Time: 4 min 30

How to deal with a hot horse
Alice’s horse is overwhelmed as it’s his first time working in a field. Open spaces, other horses around, news jumps ….all are excuses for him to express his joy!
Time: 4 videos - 30 min

Warming-up on the lunge line and connecting with your horse
How to warm-up a horse on the lunge line before working under saddle and how to set-up the base of the horse/rider understanding. This session takes place in nature with Michel and Nenuphar Jac.
Time: 5 videos - 30 min

Training Aiti for the CSI of Fontainebleau
Aiti is a 7 year old mare who joined Michel Robert's yard a couple of months ago. This work session, analysed by Michel Robert, was recorded the day before going to the CSI of Fontainebleau.
Time: 7 min 40

Calm and serenity on the approach and landing fences
Day Dreamer tends to get worried and to rush to get rid of the fence. The goal of this session is to obtain a horse that stays calm and steady on the approach and landing jumps. For that, we need to make him focus using some specific exercises as well as using the good connexion Marine was able to establish on the preliminary flat work.
Time: 12 min 30

Jumping liverpools and water jumps on a lunge line
Nenuphar Jac joined Michel Robert’s yard a few weeks ago. This horse usually stops on jumps like liverpools or water jumps. The fear of water or the blue color is common among jumpers and it’s important to address this problem and make the horse discover this kind of jumps before going to shows.
Time: 13 min