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Warming-up on the lunge line and connecting with your horse

REF HA37, lunge, Ground work, warming-up on the lunge, connection with horse

Michel shows us how to warm-up a horse on the lunge line before working him under saddle. We’re watching here a session with Nenuphar Jac. In his constant search of staying as close as possible to what nature intended, Michel chose to work in the field. Nenuphar Jac has no saddle, no bridle and no rein-aids in order to allow him freedom of movements.

This warm-up is crucial to analyse the way the horse moves without being ridden. With no rider on his back to interfere, it’s easier to analyse the horse’s mind and physical state.

Before starting and as Michel likes to remind quite often, the rider needs to be aware of his goal and to set in advance the track and speed he wants to work that day.

Michel starts by explaining a few basic rules allowing to set-up the connexion, using our eyes and energy to influence the horse’s attitude.

Michel explains also how to control Nenuphar Jac with some small exercises. These exercises enable the lunger to test the horse’s ability in maintaining the given speed and track. A simple ground pole set-up is already an excellent preparation to jumping courses. The horse must balance himself without the influence of the rider. Also, by analysing our own reactions and the ones of the horse on these exercises, the rider will be able to find solutions to the difficulties encountered while on course.

After a good warm-up, the lunger can be more demanding and can request from his horse some movements that will make him aware of his hind-legs in order to improve his pushing strength. These difficult movements must be practiced only during short periods of time in order to not overload  the horse’s mind and body power. Michel reminds us, one more time that a work session must always ends in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere.

5 videos - 30 min