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Work sessions

Session with Philippe Karl and Michel Robert - Nénuphar Jac
After his ride on Catapulte, Philippe Karl trains Nenuphar Jac on flat work.Philippe Karl works with Nenuphar Jac on looseness and allows him to stretch his top line in order to use his body at its best as well as to increase the range of motion of his movements.
Time: 17 min 45

Stretching the neck down
In this session, Teoline has to stretch her horse’s neck down especially before and after a ground pole.
Time: 4 min 24

Controlling speed when jumping
The goal of this session is to obtain a constant rhythm when approaching and landing fences. For this session, Michel rides ZZ Top and Veronique, Bjorn, a 6 year old horse.
Time: 30 min

Control in combinations
The goal is to encourage Nenuphar to stay in a perfect connection with Michel, and to get him to break-down his movements during some jumping combinations.
Time: 13 min 40

Regularity of the canter while approaching fences
The goal is to improve the regularity of the canter while approaching fences. Michel begins with a rider’s position check-up. The session continues with some in-depth flat work, especially to obtain more responsiveness from Pierre’s horse.
Time: 5 videos - total: 53 min

Pénélope Leprévost's lesson : part 1
Penelope Leprevost, who is a French team rider and has been Michel’s student since she started at the high level, came for a 2-day clinic. During her stay, she’s going to ride the yard’s horses. This video is about the first session of her clinic with Michel Robert.
Time: 25 min

Control and jumping movement break-down
Quaresse joined Michel Robert’s yard a couple of days ago. She’s quite anxious and needs to get used to her new environment. The goal of this session is to have her work in a relaxed and joyful mood to improve the flow of energy in her body.
Time: 16 min 

Gymnastic exercises over a jump with Nénuphar Jac
Nénuphar is a very energetic, if sometimes nervous horse.  The goal is to ''harden'' the horse's physical and mental ability in order to improve his jumping technique and to incite him to approach obstacles calmly.
Time: 13 min

Preparing to lunge Catapulte : jumping exercises
We’re observing, here a lunge-line work session. The primary goal is to improve the style and trajectory of Catapulte’s jumping. For that, Michel arranges several set-ups to encourage the mare to stretch over the jump.
Time: 16 min 15

Conditioning the horse on the flat and on jumps
Zeta de Hus just joined Michel Robert’s yard. The goal of this work session is to improve Zeta’s balance and control, without imposing excessive pressure. The idea is to engage her in the work, while dealing with her disposition.  The diversity of exercises and the natural environment will help to achieve this goal.
Time: 11 min