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Control and jumping movement break-down

REF HA19, control, calm, natural fence, cross country

Quaresse joined Michel Robert’s yard a couple of days ago. She’s quite anxious and needs to get used to her new environment.

The goal of this session is to have her work in a relaxed and joyful mood to improve the flow of energy in her body.
Jumping few natural fences at the beginning of the session enables the mare to be more attentive and encourages her to break-down the motion of jumping without rushing to the poles.

The session starts on a bank located in the yard’s field, going up and down the bank. Marine, who rides Quaresse, must really keep her on a straight line without looking for her spot. The goal is to encourage the mare to take the time to break-down her movements still letting her “look at jumps” to allow her to stretch her neck on the different phases of the jump.

The work session continues by jumping a small line of natural fences. At the slightest fear, the mare has a tendency to speed up and eliminate some of the strides. After a few exercises and thanks to Michel advice, Marine succeeds in having her mare gain back her serenity.

The next exercises incorporate a jumping line set up to incite Marine to keep control of her mare. The last step of the work session enables Marine to verify Quaresse’s behaviour in front of some “looky” fences like liverpools of different colours…

16 min