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Session with Philippe Karl and Michel Robert - Nénuphar Jac

REF HA31, flat work, horse no the bit, horse's balance

He works with Nenuphar Jac on looseness and allows him to stretch his top line in order to use his body at its best as well as to increase the range of motion of his movements.

Who is Philippe Karl?

Ex-eventer and show-jumper, then a Cadre Noir Ecuyer for 13years, Philippe Karl is now a world renowned clinician.  He trains numerous instructors to his method: the school of lightness. It excludes the use of artificial aids (rein-aids...) in order to offer an approach that respects the horse.



The session

Philippe Karl was seduced by Nenuphar Jac’s excellent conformation and his natural balance. The horse, being a bit anxious, Philippe Karl starts to ride him in a very slow pace which favours relaxation. However, he makes sure to maintain a good range of motion in his movements. Nenuphar’s shoulders are too mobile and this work will help frame his forehand. Philippe is also looking for the horse to be lighter on his forehand, still making sure that he will not get curled in, in a low position. On the contrary, he has to favour the stretch from the horse’s tail up to his nose in order to enable Nenuphar with a better use of his body to improve the range of motion in his movements.

17 min 45