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Stretching work session with “ZZ Top” out in the field

flat work, connection with horse, horse stretching, warm-up, REF HA33

This work will help loosen up and stretch the horse’s muscles and joints before a flat work or jumping session.

Riding outside in a field, allows the horse to have a natural behaviour which will, in turn, favour his willingness to work, decreasing the rider’s constraint. The energy flows better and the movements will be longer. Riding in a rolling terrain will favour the horse’s balance and pushing forces.

Michel starts the session at a walk practicing few exercises to activate “ZZ Top de Hus”’ hind legs while maintaining him as relaxed as possible.

Michel asks also for a few rein-backs. It encourages once again the horse to engage his hind legs while keeping him forward and comfortable. Michel insists on the fact that riders need to ask for the rein-back with the legs and not the hands as it would go against our goal, I.E. getting the horse to engage his hocks underneath and lifting up his back under saddle.


The work session continues at a trot, taking advantage of the slope of the footing to increase the hindquarter activity still maintaining a good rhythm.


All those movements aim to stretch the whole top line of the horse in order to get him ready for a more collected  position.

4 min 30