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Session with Philippe Karl and Michel Robert - Catapulte

flat work, horse on the bit, shoulder forward, half-halt, horse’s balance, REF HA32

Looking for a better balance with Catapulte.

Philippe Karl, former “Ecuyer” from the Cadre noir of Saumur, competed in eventing and in show-jumping, before focusing on dressage only. Nowadays, he teaches clinics world-wide. He created the school of lightness in order to pass-on his training method to instructors.


Michel Robert who is always looking for improvement and performance, called Philippe Karl to improve the dressage of his horses.


The mare balances herself on the forehand which is not always easy to manage. Philippe Karl shows his method based on the search of lightness. His perfect position allows him to work with his hand slightly up in order to get Catapulte’s forehand lighter. His work is based on slow gaits for a long time. After he obtained from the mare a good position, he can start some canter work, especially some movements like shoulder forward and half-halt.


14 min