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Rider's actions and independence of the the aids

REF HANB11, Rider’s position, rider’s aids, horse/rider understanding, connection between horse and rider, independence of the aids

During this lesson, Michel explains us the basis of the rider/horse understanding. In order for the horse to embrace his job, the rider is supposed to, first of all, be able to set up some communication aids that are fairly clear. Michel shows, here, a few rules that need to be respected whatever the level of the rider.

Michel reminds us of a few important principles regarding the influence of the rider. He insists particularly on the advantage of the independence of the aids to not interfere with the correct understanding of the requests. How to move forward, come to a halt, or apply an isolated leg….without any interference on the rider’s movement.
To set up the correct communication aids, Michel recommends working at slow gaits. This basic advice is useful for any riders, including advanced-level riders. In addition, Michel refers to a working session with Luca Moneta and an Italian team rider. By working at a walk, Luca succeeded in improving the performance of his top horse.

7 min 30