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Preparing to lunge Catapulte : jumping exercises

catapulte, jumping, REF HA35, lunge

We’re observing, here a lunge-line work session. The primary goal is to improve the style and trajectory of Catapulte’s jumping. For that, Michel arranges several set-ups to encourage the mare to stretch over the jump.

After the mare went over the set-ups few times, Michel rearranges the fences to make sure that Catapulte doesn’t shift on landing, and to encourage her to push off with all 4 feet.

The idea is to not constrain the horse, but to let her find the solution by herself with the help of the exercises.
At the end of the session, we can clearly notice that Catapulte has improved her take off bounce of her forelegs in front of the fences because of better propulsion on the approach and a better overall balance.

However, Michel recommends not having the horse jump big while on the lunge line. It’s better, first of all, to emphasise the repetition of correct movements, straightness, calmness, control and the horse’s attention and thinking. The goal is to correct issues calmly, still allowing the freedom of movement for the joints and muscles, especially in the back…
…and all that in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere.

16 min 15