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Jumping liverpools and water jumps on a lunge line

REF HA26, Lunge-line training, Water Jumps, Liverpools jumps, Desensitization to liverpools and water jumps, Spooks at liver pools

Nenuphar Jac joined Michel Robert’s yard a few weeks ago. This horse usually stops on jumps like liverpools or water jumps. The fear of water or the blue color is common among jumpers and it’s important to address this problem and make the horse discover this kind of jumps before going to shows.

Desensitizing the horse has to be done at home, in a calm and serein atmosphere. Michel advises to lunge the horse and make him go over liverpools or water jumps.

In this way, the horse can organize himself without the rider’s influence.

This work has to be fun like a game.

The session starts off by going underneath the pergola which is a kind of a portico with blankets hanging off it like curtains. This set-up is useful for horses who fear going through narrow spaces such as stall doors or fences with a pergola.

After a short warm-up on cavalettis, Michel makes Nenuphar jump some blue or black liverpools. The session ends with going over water jumps.

It’s important to praise the horse each time he’s successful and to avoid an obsession by repeating jumps unnecessarily.

13 min