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Training tips for horses who rush the fences

approaching fences, jumping exercises, HA60, in control over fences, controlling the speed, calmness

Michel offers in this video an effective solution to control horses who rush the fences. Above all, we must de-program the bad habits of these horses who are trying to get over fences too quickly and end up botching the jump.

As it is often the case, the rider’s position and mind-set are the root of the problem: fear of jumping, incorrect or disorganised use of aids, lack of strictness in keeping the horse at the same definite speed…..All these influences will increase the problem when it will come to jump a course during a show.

Charlotte rides a nervous horse who has a tendency to rush while approaching fences and get over them quickly. When a horse rushes the fences, his jumping trajectory is modified which is a factor of faults or even stops for some horses.

Michel offers, here, a very gradual approach to solving this kind of issue in a calmly manner which will enable the horse to enjoy jumping again by breaking down his movements.

The exercise begins with some work over ground poles at a walk, then a trot, and at a canter. Next, the rider will go over few cavalettis and some fences at the 3 gaits. In the end, Titus succeeds in jumping a good size vertical breaking down his movements without rushing the fence when approaching it or upon landing. This is the result of focusing on the fence with calm and serenity.

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