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Improve the jumping trajectory and the control in the approach

cavaletti, REF HAE17, jumping exercise, rider’s mind works

The set-up with “normal-short” distances forces the rider to control his approach, which will bring, among other things, some improvements in the way the rider’s mind works.

If the rider's looking down, the following movement of the exercise will be problematic as the preparation and anticipation are fundamental to the success of this exercise: « What am I thinking about?...… Why?..Is that useful right now? »

If something goes wrong, the root of the problem often occurs a few seconds before.

The difficulty of the exercise is also to stay very straight on the approach and on the fence. Again, keeping the panoramic vision is very important.

The horse also needs a correct trajectory on the jump to go thru the set-up properly. This exercise will help horses that aren’t comfortable on combinations to gain confidence. As this exercise is easy, horses of all levels can do it.

As the rider goes along, he can tighten his turns and combine a short path with a long path. The goal, of course, is to work for improvement still keeping in mind that perfection doesn’t exist.

5 min 30