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Improve the jumping trajectory and the control in the approach
The set-up with “normal-short” distances forces the rider to control his approach, which will bring, among other things, some improvements in the way the rider’s mind works.
Time: 5 min 30

Improve correctness over jumps
Lots of faults arise when the horse is drifting to the right or left of the fence because the driving force isn’t symmetrical from both hind legs. During the airborne phase, the horse get twisted and he has a tendency to land always on the same front leg, which with time, will bring some articular and tendinous lesions.
Time: 3 min 40

Preparing for speed events and jump-offs
This 2 difficult exercise develops the horse’s concentration, obliges the rider to be in harmony with his horse and anticipate each of its reactions. It’s a good way to prepare for speed events and jump-offs.
Time: 7 min 30

Mental and physical control
This exercise improved the mental and the physical of the horse and the rider without jumping excessively large fences. Here, Michel ride Vivaldi, a ineperienced horse.
Time: 9 min 30

Preparing for lines and combinations
This exercise is an excellent gymnastic for preparing to jump combinations. The line is complete because it includes "in and out", a vertical and an oxer, and an increasing number of strides between the jumps.
Time: 3 min 30

Calm and control in combinations
This is an exercise for expert horses and riders, already at ease over the previous exercises.
Time: 3 min 40

Gaining confidence in combinations
This is an exercise for providing inexperienced horses and riders with confidence, allowing them to jump a number of fences knowing they are on a good stride.
Time: 1 min 20

Preparing to jump lines and combinations
Preparation for combinations with three or four fences providing horse and rider with experience without jumping excessively large fences.
Time: 1 min

Improve the jump trajectory
For horses with a tendency to jump too “big”, this exercise allows one to transform a long jumping trajectory into height.
Time: 1 min 12

Improve the horse’s technique
It is a very good exercise for improving the horse’s jumping technique, especially for those that tend to jump with their knees beneath them. If I were obliged to choose only one exercise this would be it. I have tested it for decades and always obtained excellent results, especially with young horses, although the exercise is also useful for horses at all levels.
Time: 1 min 13