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Mental and physical control

cavaletti, REF HAE11, jumping exercise, rider’s mind works

This exercise improved the mental and the physical of the horse and the rider without jumping excessively large fences. Here, Michel ride Vivaldi, a ineperienced horse.

This exercise requires discipline from the rider. He has to commit to respecting:

- the path and getting the horse to jump the middle of  the fence

- a steady rhythm on the approach and on the landing

At the same time, the rider needs to focus on his position to let the horse move freely and to let him flow thru his movements.

For the horse, it’s an excellent gymnastic to allow him to improve the coordination of his movements. To be successful going thru the grid, the horse has to organize himself to correctly place the take-off stride at each jump. The exercise also allows the horse to develop his concentration and his ability to react quickly.


It’s important to proceed by steps and to start with ground poles. We’ll reach the final set-up only if the horse succeeds multiple times on the previous grids.
As always, the idea is to improve with each repetition…..and not the other way around.

9 min 30