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Improve correctness over jumps

REF HA23, rider's position, straightness, approch

Lots of faults arise when the horse is drifting to the right or left of the fence because the driving force isn’t symmetrical from both hind legs. During the airborne phase, the horse get twisted and he has a tendency to land always on the same front leg, which with time, will bring some articular and tendinous lesions.

The goal of this exercise is to get the rider and the horse to stay perfectly straight relative to the middle of the fence and on the jump itself.

This set-up will enable horses that twist themselves or drift to the right or left, to use their potential on the jump.

Since the rider has a target to aim at after the fence, he will automatically stay symmetrical in his position. This way, he’ll be able to maintain a straight path between fences with no interventions that would possibly disturb the horse.

On this video, we can see that after going several times, Charles jumps right at the middle of the jumps still respecting the path asked by his rider

3 min 40