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Rider’s effectiveness in a 3 point position and a forward seat
This exercise is a good test to know if the rider is equally effective whatever her position: seated or forward seat. The goal is to get the horse to keep the same canter rhythm and the same pushing power, especially in the turns as horses have a tendency to decrease their impulsion in the turns.
Time: 6 min 20

Improve your balance and your upper body relaxation when riding
Michel offers a specific exercise that is extremely effective to release any tensions the rider might have especially in the arms and shoulders. We all know how bad the rider’s upper body stiffness can impact the horse’s mouth and consequently the comprehension of the aids. Michel offers an easy solution to correct this bad habit and provides good reflexes...
Time: 5 min

Learn how to control your mind when approaching a fence
The primary goal of this session is to get the rider and horse to reach a state of serenity. Michel has developed an exercise helping riders to become aware of the moment they lose control of their mind and of their actions approaching a fence.
Time: 13 min 40

Test your connexion with your horse
This exercise is comprehensive and technical, which is among Michel’s favourite exercises.  It teaches the riders to be very meticulous in their position, the track they are on and the control of the speed.  It is a perfect exercise to practise the basics prior to a jumping session.  The goal is to program the horse and rider before jumping.
Time: 9 min

Varying the canter stride length over lines
Being able to modify the length of the canter strides allows the rider to better assess and deal with the difficulties encountered during jumping courses. That said, the ability to feel and modify the horse stride can be acquired only with the repetition of specific exercises as the one Michel is introducing here.
Time: 7 min 45

Jumping a course of cavalettis with a definite number of strides
A fun exercise that will challenge your ability to control the track as well as the speed during a course. It is about getting the correct number of strides on a track with successive loops. The exercise is not as easy as it seems as the rider has to be aware of the horse’s speed while directing his shoulders as if he would be on a train track.
Time: 7 min 50

Improving your horse’s responsiveness and speed in his jumping movement
This exercise is specifically designed to improve the horse’s responsiveness and style over grids, especially after a large fence such as a water jump or an oxer (…)
Time: 6 min

Exercise to transition between flat work and jumping
The exercise set-up encourages the rider to pay close attention to all the parameters required for a clear round.
Time: 8 min

Exercise to improve the quality of the turns
This exercise is very suitable to improve the turns especially to detect and correct any problem with the horse or rider’s symmetry. Directing correctly the horse on the path is key to success (...)
Time: 7 min

Improving the horse’s strength in the approaches
In this flat work session, Michel offers an exercise that will improve the horse’s propulsive force in front of fences while staying in control.
Time: 7 min