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Breathing and relaxation in the action

REF HAEM4, rider’s relaxation, rider’s respiration, looseness, how to release tensions, how to improve the connection with your horse

We’ve learned that a good oxygenation of the body is a key player in the muscle and mind relaxation. However, to learn to breathe correctly when riding requires some practice. This is today’s focus of this new exercise from Michel.

To breathe deeply and steadily when we are comfortably seated in a sofa is no problem. However, when we are challenged by something more physical, the breathing rhythm becomes shallow and spasmodic with some apnea moments. By simply watching how many riders are out of breath at the end of a jumping course, we can realize how difficult it is to breathe correctly while performing a physical activity. However, the correct oxygenation of our body is critical if we want to optimize our physical and mental abilities. As soon as a rider blocks his breathing, his body stiffens, his stress level increases, and he loses the ability to control the situation.
As Michel shows us, the horse is also very receptive to the positive or negative signals that the rider’s breathing emits.

So it is crucial for the rider to become aware of his breathing and to practise breathing correctly in all circumstances. Michel offers you a small practise session on a ground pole set-up. Don’t hesitate to modify the track and then, to replace the ground poles by some cavalettis then jumps, but make sure you stay in perfect control of the rhythm of your inhales and exhales.

This exercise is shown on the sheet M4 of the Training program 1


3 min 30