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Lunging the horse
I have spent hours watching horses going round on the lunge. This has allowed me to learn a great deal not only about the way they move, but also about their reactions. Horses in fact do exactly the same, whether on the lunge or free (...)

The quality canter
Being capable of riding one’s horse towards a jump, starting with a pole on the ground, calm and straight, and maintaining a quality canter, is at the basis of all training.

The 4 contact points
Without contact communication is broken. The horse wonders what it is supposed to do. It is free to choose for itself and even to make a bad choice that the rider will quickly punish. It is this lack of communication that horses loathe (...)

Working on a circle
 The circle “helps the horse” because it facilitates work without imposing excessive constraints. To slow down a horse that rushes its paces, it is for example pointless to interfere with its mouth; it will be sufficient to simply shorten the circle.