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Respect for the cadence while jumping

cavalettis, CSI, jumping, global tour monaco, luca moneta, REF HA18, approach

Luca Moneta is riding a really hot horse, and is goal is mainly to maintain a steady cadence still using his hands as little as possible. Emilie has to work on her mare’s straightness, and Marine on her position on the approach and the landing.

The cavaettis set-up enables them to work on the quality of the turns. Michel notices that his students have a tendency to want to turn too quickly after the jump while leaning to the inside of the turns. Michel urges them to stay straight on the approach, over the fence and on the landing.

The second exercise consists of going thru a line of verticals set for 6 or 7 strides. The riders have to be able to re-establish their base position immediately upon landing. For this, they have to, among other things, use their gaze better.


The session continues with a series of exercises allowing the 3 riders to test their ability to control the speed, the path, and their position.


Luca uses his hands too much to control his horse. On the contrary, he has to prioritise his mind and his position. The goal is to put together a course calmly with a steady rhythm without using his strength.

So Michel sets up an exercise that will enable Luca to lock in good habits.

22 min