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The rider's back

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To keep your back straight, use your inner video. Memorise a strong image. Imagine that someone is pulling you up by your hair; you will grow tall as if trying to touch the sky with your head.

To have a straight back, it is crucial for the eyes to look towards the horizon. To help yourself, fix your eyes on something in the distance, quite high up… something in a tree for example.
In the course of my life, I had the “luck” to suffer from a bad back. This may seem astonishing to you, but it was thanks to this episode that I became aware of the importance of looking after my body. I had to find the solution, the primary cause. My motivation to continue riding was stronger. Therefore, I learned how to no longer suffer from this problem, without medicines or an operation.
Usually it is “problems” that lead to a desire to change one’s life style. Certain people wait for a heart problem or a disease before changing their habits; and then stop smoking, drinking, and start eating healthier food…
I am convinced that, with patience and motivation, it is always possible to improve one’s physical condition.
Riders aren’t usually aware of the length of their back. They vaguely locate their back between their shoulders and their low back. In reality, the back starts at the base of the skull and goes down, up to the tip of the spine, at the end of the coccyx. The back is the key player in maintaining the rider’s coordination and balance.
We can compare it to the main beam of a construction. It holds up the whole body and our verticality. In this way, the longer our spine stretches up, the better our balance is which leads to a better use of the other parts of our body.

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