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Rider's physical training

REF HANB3, Rider's physical training

At 18 year old, Michel suffered from a herniated disc. Physicians had forbidden him to ride. It’s only at age of 40, with the help of an osteopath friend that Michel, who wanted to understand, found a successful way to fight against this issue
Since then, thru experimentations, Michel found some positive solutions to reach a better mind and body balance, YOGA and a healthy diet. In that matter, it belongs to each of us to find his/her own way.
A flexible and responsive rider, with a clear mind, and a healthy body will achieve performance easier.
To be aware of it is to go towards the correct way of life.

The 5 Tibetans are movements meant for softening, invigorating, and improving the good flow of energy in our body. The best would be to practice them every day, preferably in the morning.
Each Tibetan movement has to be executed 21 times.
Of course, if you’re not trained for this kind of exercises, it will certainly take you a couple of days  or even a couple of weeks to be able to go through the whole series.

At the end of the session, relax for a few minutes lying on the floor on your back and breathing normally. Enjoy your well-being.
In the course of sessions, you’re going to realise how good you feel in your body.
“Personally, I‘ve been practicing these exercises every morning for several years. All my previous back, hips, shoulders pains are gone. I never felt so good in my body and my mind!” Michel Robert


The 5 tibétains


First Tibetan

Standing, arms straight and horizontal on the side, palms facing down, rotate 21 times clockwise. After you did it 21 times, hold yourself standing very straight, hands on your hips. Breathe deeply twice, inhale through your nose, and exhale forcefully through your mouth.
 Second Tibetan  
Lie on your back, leg holding straight, feet together, arms along your body and your palms on the floor. Inhale through your nose while lifting your legs up to the vertical, feet flexed and lift your head up, chin to chest. Maintain your lower back against the floor. Exhale through your nose lowering your legs to come back to the starting point. Repeat it 21 times.
  Third Tibetan  
 Standing on your knees, keep your toes on the floor and put your hands underneath your buttocks, on the back of your thighs. Chin to chest.    Inhale through your nose tilting your head back as far as you can but without forcing it. Come back to the starting position exhaling through your nose. Repeat 21 times.
Forth Tibetan  
 Seated with your legs straight, place the palm of your hands flat on the floor besides your hips. Chin to chest.  Breathe in while lifting your hips up and bending your knees. Your head tilts back. Come back to position 1. Repeat 21 times.
Fifth Tibetan  
 Straighten your arms and legs as your weight is on your palms and your toes. Your head tilts back. Open heart (Up dog position). Breathe in lifting your hips and keeping your arms and legs straight. Chin to chest. (Down dog position). Repeat 21 times.
2 min 25