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Saddle Prestige Michel Robert


The distinctive features of the new saddle are its new design and the more anatomical shape of the seat, offering greater comfort during flat work and in jumping. A feature of the saddle is X-Technology. The elastic membranes, positioned in the area of the ischia, make the seat extremely soft. The panels, too, are new and are made of a honeycomb structure material combined with a soft spongy fabric. These anatomically shaped panels secure the fullest freedom of movement for the horse’s shoulders and the least pressure.

The saddle twist is excellent and is the result of work on two fronts:
. the tree is narrower at its centre
. the upper part of the saddle flaps has been relieved of the weight of the underlying support in order to obtain a reduced thickness in this area.

The choice of flaps’ projection includes the standard measure (a projection of + 2 cm) / +2cm (a projection of + 4 cm) / and - 2cm (corresponding to a standard projection).
The saddle comes with small-sized blocks to the front and medium-sized ones to the rear. Large-sized blocks are available on request.
The Michel Robert Anniversary saddle is available in 16”-17”-18” seat sizes ; withers bar from 29 to 37.


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