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Basic riding theory

Seated and 2 points position
Of course the forward seat requires the rider not being positioned too far forward or too far back, to avoid preventing his horse’s shoulders and back from moving freely. Unfortunately, too few riders manage to comply with all these conditions, usually due to unsuitable physical conditions (...)
Time: 4 min 30

The constant contact
To encourage good communication, the horse needs permanent contact. This means a presence that is reassuring, that is a starting point for the horse to remain receptive to its rider’s requests.
Time: 3 min 50

The rider's feet
During my clinics, it is when working on positioning the feet that I observe the greatest transformations in riders. This is what I call «the intelligent foot» because it is the foot, placed in a position suited to the situation that allows the rest of the rider’s body to be well balanced.
Time: 2 min

Rider's physical training
There are too many riders who neglect the physical aspect of their training. Horse-riding is a sport like many other ones. It implies that both the horse and rider are fit.
Time: 2 min 25

The rider's position: overview
To ride well and to deal with all situations, one must not only be in good shape, but must also place each part of the body in the correct position.
Time: 1 min

Rider's actions and independence of the the aids
During this lesson, Michel explains us the basis of the rider/horse understanding. In order for the horse to embrace his job, the rider is supposed to, first of all, be able to set up some communication aids that are fairly clear. Michel shows, here, a few rules that need to be respected whatever the level of the rider.
Time: 7 min 30